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John P. & Jody A. McAllister (Rated: 10)

Years ago my parents had a trust drawn up by Andrew Matteson. At that time it crossed my mind that my husband and I should have one also. Then after my father passed away I really saw the importance of having a trust. Andy and his staff were so great about handling all the matters that I didn’t know how to do. My mother passed away this year and I became trustee of their estate and realized having a trust was top priority for me. Andy and his staff were so wonderful. They fully explained to me what needed to be done and helped me every step of the way on handling my parents estate in the way they wanted it done. I am so glad my parents had their trust. It made a difficult time emotionally easier not having to worry about doing the right things to honor my parents wishes. Needless to say I already have a trust for my estate. I love my kids as my parents loved theirs and I wanted to make it easier for my children to honor my wishes. Andy and his staff make everything easier it is really more like having friends helping you. Thank you all so much.

December 4, 1997

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Mercedes M. Llanillo (Rated: 10)

Very happy with Andy’s service. Thoroughly explained each step so that I clearly understood. Very much appreciated.

December 2, 1997

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Violet Adeline Hodge (Rated: 10)

I am truly satisfied with Mr. Matteson’s service. He’s always quick to reply for any answer or service. Always friendly and courteous. He has handled my trust very abley and always, informs me if I have any questions.

November 8, 1997

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Dewitt Glasgow (Rated: 9)

The Matteson law office assisted me in my role as successor trustee for the administration of my Dad’s estate. Initially, I was concerned about having to deal with someone so far removed from the S. F. bay area. My concerns were groundless since their 1-800 telephone number made for frequent and easy communication. I conferred with Mr. Matteson at length two times in my home and twice more briefly by phone. The initial free consultation was outstanding and helped me get off to a confident start on my duties. I dealt mainly with Lorraine Andrew and found her to be of most invaluable assistance in handling the myriad details involved. I was most impressed by how well organized, thorough, efficient, punctual and reliable this office proved to be. Throughout our association I received very clear instructions and answers to my questions. I unreservedly recommend Mr. Matteson and his staff.

May 20, 1997

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