Aaron and Louise Knight (Rated 10)

June 17, 2015

This is our second update of our original 1997 trust with Andrew. Andrew also handled my dad’s 2 revisions of his trust and the closing of his estate. Obviously, we have confidence in Andrew or we wouldn’t keep coming back. It is very easy for me to communicate with Andrew. He understands and supports my forward planning and attention to every detail. Others seem to get impatient. During our most recent planning meeting, our son had to become personally involved. He is extremely sensitive and all of these planning, forms, and the decisions he would have to carry out was too hard for him. Andrew handled his concern in a very clean and understanding manner. The only negative experience I encountered was a communication problem with Andrew’s staff. I had a meeting scheduled with Andrew but unfortunately he got tied up in an urgent situation. The staff failed to communicate the reason for the delay and keep me posted on the time frame. It would have been better to inform me of the delay and offer to reschedule my appointment.