Alfred Y. Boggs (Rated: 10)

September 11, 2000

Our revocable Trust was established in 1992 and revised in 1995 due to the death of our oldest daughter. In 1998 my wife’s ability to comprehend much of the details of the trust had diminished and we agreed that our remaining daughter should be involved in case my wife or myself should not be capable for any reason. Andrew Matteson promptly arranged an amendment for her to be a co-trustee. I was hospitalized through most of December 1999 and near death. With the power of attorney she had, my daughter was able to arrange housing for my wife and I in an assisted care home. A few days after I arrived home my wife was hospitalized with a broken leg. She contracted pneumonia and complications. She died February 2, 2000. Andrew promptly responded to our call and in a friendly, efficient, business like manner guided us through the many legal details that go with such a situation. I would not hesitate to recommend him and his staff to anyone.