Joan King-Angell (Rated 10)

April 14, 2016

I worked with Andrew Matteson as the trust Attorney for my parents for more than ten years. My parent’s living trust had been established by another attorney, and when he retired referred them to Andrew. When my father died, Andrew helped my mother and me through the process of establishing the successor trusts and allocating the assets; he worked closely with us and the accountant to ensure that the assets were divided legally and financially distributing the trust’s assets between me and my sister. He and his staff were thorough, well-organized, knowledgeable, and kind, and made what could have been very onerous and confusing procedures into manageable tasks. Even though his office is in Sacramento, and my mother and I lived in the East Bay, we were able to communicate easily and he came to see us when necessary. I know that my mother was very confident in Andrew’s abilities and appreciated his expertise in trust law, and so did I; additionally, we felt the cost of his services were quite reasonable. I would highly recommend the services of him and his firm.