Ryan Allen (Rated 10)

August 7, 2019

Initially, I started my will and trust process online with Legal Zoom. However, it wasn’t working out because I felt these two legal documents needed a lawyer I can trust who specialize in these matters.  In addition to the thoroughly organized binder containing all my legal documents, Andrew introduced me to something perfect! He provided myself and all the people I designated to manage my estate complementary USB cards.  Having this card readily available in my wallet is fantastic because if I become incapacitated, it is easier for my designated executors to execute my wishes. Now here’s why you can trust this testimonial.  I am a young Generation X person in my early 40’s who makes a living developing e-commerce sites. You can imagine a lot of intelligence going into the work I do.  So believe me when I say Andrew is the right person and someone you can trust to set up your will and trust right!  I also want to thank Andrew’s staff for their experience in making the process smooth.  Thank you, Team!